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Hey,so if you didn't know my name's Edward.I'm the kind of person who thinks a lot.Like when I stare at a clock,I think about the relevance of time,how the clock is made,how we have been a slave to time etc. etc. But I'm easy to get along with if you stop and listen.

Sooo,my blog address was created from a random wallpaper of Kakashi with the quote,the blood of one thousand and thus my blog was born!Ok so it's a bit random/macabre but it holds sentimental value so screw with having another url :P

Also don't mind me if I seem angry/sad/crazy at times.I blog on impulse XP

OMG WHAT IS THAT THING AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT?!.RELAX CALM DOWN.Just click minimize.There,didn't hurt did it!

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Note:I do not claim any of the pictures posted as my own!If you want your picture to be taken down,comment on the post along with proof of your identity!I try to credit what I can but I miss out some/a lot because of the hundreds/thousands of images I save.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 6:19 PM
3 Down 6 more to go.It rained today and at a really bad time too.I had a really bad flu and I ran out of tissues!!It was horrible I'm sure that flu killed some of my marks from the Physics test.I was sniffing every 5 seconds.

The faster its over the faster we Partay!!!!

Old news:Ever tied a rubber band on your finger until it purple?Well 2 days ago when I woke up,my left hand could not feel anything at all.I used my right hand and moved my left hand.But it I couldn't move it.I was freaked out and didn't want to loose my hand!!!!!Well so i whacked it till blood flowed through.P.S: My whole body was on my left hand so blood couldn't flow through.