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Hey,so if you didn't know my name's Edward.I'm the kind of person who thinks a lot.Like when I stare at a clock,I think about the relevance of time,how the clock is made,how we have been a slave to time etc. etc. But I'm easy to get along with if you stop and listen.

Sooo,my blog address was created from a random wallpaper of Kakashi with the quote,the blood of one thousand and thus my blog was born!Ok so it's a bit random/macabre but it holds sentimental value so screw with having another url :P

Also don't mind me if I seem angry/sad/crazy at times.I blog on impulse XP

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Out out out!
Monday, October 15, 2007 10:55 PM

Yes yes,I'm home!With Lemon Chicken Rice in my stomach!

First,while on the way to Pasir Ris(yes I spelt it correctly!),saw Jessica Tan then she told me to follow her,didn't know what the hell was going on lol,then after a long walk from the 1st part of the MRT to the last,met Shermond,Melvin and the other girls.

Reaching Pasir Ris Mac Donald's,Daniel,Jefred,Jaryl,Nevin,Khairul,Steven,Yan Hui,Samuel,Benjamin were eating their breakfast.Afterwards we WALKED all the way to Escape to find out IT DIDN'T OPEN!!!Then took the bus for the girl's shake back to the interchange and to Vivocity.

Watced Mr.Woodcock which was freaking explicit but funny.Melvin and Nevin went to Best Denki HALO 3!!!Lol while we watched the movie.
LATER!!!We went to SAFRA.The whole group planned to Bowl but didn't then we went to Pool,but some of us were really bored watching and went to the Arcade there.

Played CS and OWNED Samuel and Nevin's arses!!!NEXT!DOTA OF COURSE!I got Wicked Sick in the 1st round and didn't do really well in the 2nd,Khairul went to the bottom lane when everyone was in the mid fighting.Played -apemsp,I ENDURED UNTIL THE END!!Used Lich and managed to pawn Khairul's cheater ass hahahahaha.Also gave him a nice optical mouse for his upcoming birthday.