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Tree Top Walk
Saturday, June 07, 2008 7:33 PM

Went to the HSBC tree top walk on Thursday.Unluckily for us it rained heavily at the time we were on our way to Mac Ritche Reservoir.But it died down soon after we waited under some shelter.There was a group of canoers,all tanned and well-built,with some girls in the group too they had distinct solid muscles.Men's paradise,I called it.

When those canoers got down and dirty!Okay not down and dirty they just got into the shelter to wash themselves(cause it was the toilet that doubled as a showering area).Then when Samuel and Shermond found out where we were supposed to go we got on our way.Jefred wore canvas shoes(stupid!) and could feel every rock he stepped on,while me and Shermond lead the way.

The walk to Tree Top walk is more difficult than Tree Top walk itself,since it's about 5km from where we started and Tree Top walk is just a few meters just that it's right above the forest.The ranger told us that there were monkeys so we should stare at them.Samuel thought he said 'scare' then the ranger gave a angry look and said they weren't scared of humans in the 1st place :O the monkey's were harmless,they just climbed away when we walked through the bridge.

Nevin was being overly cautious when the walked the bridge:yea okay,he's scared.Then we went uphill,downhill,uphill,downhill till we went back to the ranger's office(with full air-con!!).We met 3 stray dogs and the ranger asked us about it,we suspected they were abandoned and jefred said they had a few puppies.After that,we made our way back onto the road to CIVILIZATION!!

Side note:The road was steaming with water vapour and I mean STEAMING,you could see fogs of water vapour evaporating.Also,when we saw a man on our way to civilization jefred talked really loud as usual "I can recognize that bald head anywhere" referring to the ranger XD

Forgive me for this lousy recount,I'm struggling to remember it while playing and blogging at the same time :P

Attendees:Me,Samuel,Shermond,Jefred,Yan Hui and Salam+ NEVIN

Whole journey:1hr 58mins 57s(without stopping)

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