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Hey,so if you didn't know my name's Edward.I'm the kind of person who thinks a lot.Like when I stare at a clock,I think about the relevance of time,how the clock is made,how we have been a slave to time etc. etc. But I'm easy to get along with if you stop and listen.

Sooo,my blog address was created from a random wallpaper of Kakashi with the quote,the blood of one thousand and thus my blog was born!Ok so it's a bit random/macabre but it holds sentimental value so screw with having another url :P

Also don't mind me if I seem angry/sad/crazy at times.I blog on impulse XP

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Sunday, August 03, 2008 11:15 AM

It was right after Chemistry focus that we planned to eat Claypot rice after Yan Hui did his shopping.Chem Focus as usual was boring and Mr.Chan just didn't bother letting us go even when he knows we aren't even listening.

Played Badminton with Melvin,Khairul,Hui Xian,Rafidah,Charmaine and Mas. Afterwards, Kevinn and Jeffery joined in but barely played with Jeff cause 'the brotherhood' wanted out!Fancy having a knee injury at badminton and a big flesh wound,especially when I had to walk for hours and stand on the MRT too.

Killer on my feet.Went to Orchard Cinelesure and saw a few shops,lots of people with the nerd/emo style dressing there,love it haha.The most memorable shop as revolt with the 2 drum sets at the entrance and the skull portraits of basically everything from Mona Lisa to George Washinton.

After going through more and more shops,Yan Hui decided to go buy the ones and Orchard Cinelesure,then we had a nice relaxing break at KFC with our Large Sized Mountain Dew to keep us awake.And once again we camwhore,only 1 photo cause Yan Hui is BADDD at taking pictures haha and I couldn't stop laughing for no reason,my face suckssss and I look bald LOL