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Hey,so if you didn't know my name's Edward.I'm the kind of person who thinks a lot.Like when I stare at a clock,I think about the relevance of time,how the clock is made,how we have been a slave to time etc. etc. But I'm easy to get along with if you stop and listen.

Sooo,my blog address was created from a random wallpaper of Kakashi with the quote,the blood of one thousand and thus my blog was born!Ok so it's a bit random/macabre but it holds sentimental value so screw with having another url :P

Also don't mind me if I seem angry/sad/crazy at times.I blog on impulse XP

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Family Outing
Sunday, November 16, 2008 10:20 PM

Had lots of fun during a family outing today.Dad came home suddenly cause his(along with Grandfather's) plan for Dad to visit during us at Laos was rejected by my mum.She said since my aunt just got a baby,she's gonna be cranky and really really stressed,"Something guys wouldn't think about". LOL!!

We went Marina then I suggested us to eat Carl's Junior,my mum saw the price and didn't want to eat there :P but she said I could buy it and eat with us at Kopitiam later(awww)

After eating eating at Kopitiam(ate Katong Laksa) my mum saw a nice black based skull hoodie(ain't she the darn best mother?) bought it in the end.Talk about fast,I walked for 3 days and endless hours and couldn't find anything suitable.Also,bought a sandal but will use the old one for chalet.Can't wait for it.We also had a long chat on the car about stupid incidents we met when sitting the bus.

For people who said my blog lacked long posts,here's one for you.Also I bought a present for someone ^^

Also I spilt Green Tea on my laptop while uploading the Prom Night photos on Facebook,later I uploaded them on my family PC.Tried turning on my laptop and it worked!Later while trying to back up my stuff,it froze halfway,damn!

At least my mum is willing to pay for the repairs(cause she wants my sis to use it lol) and ipod touch with a new laptop is on the way.BUT!Not before chalet sad!!