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Monday, December 01, 2008 12:11 AM

Well,firstly condolences to those who have lost loved ones on the recent terrorist attack at Mumbai.What was the probability of them being the victims?Some were just there for a night's stay and the next thing they knew,they were in the midst of terror.

"It could happen to anyone"

Boy or girl,man or woman,tall or short,young or old.Terrorism is one which doesn't chose it's victims.Probability;constant,random,unbiased.Nobody is spared and nobody is chosen.Everyone is a player,everybody's in the game,whether they like it or not.You can't point fingers at someone for something that happened to you,when you know its not their fault.Nobody but probability.We all would have experienced something unfair or unjust happen to us.But what went wrong?We must question ourselves.Not to point fingers at anyone,but to learn from the consequences of the mistakes/the loopholes/the kinks that were not fixed.

To be continued......totally random(probabilty!) but I may do this sort of 'essay' periodically,to prevent my English from falling into the pits of doom,because it's the best language ever!Second to Japanese :P

-Edward OUT!