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Thursday, February 26, 2009 10:54 PM
O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily
do, not knowing what they do!

Stereotypes,so widespread,so unnoticed.You could say that any human being,from a innocent toddler,will grow up judging other people.But what's to critical about this is that what one perceives can be nothing near the truth.

We filter thoughts,actions and speech subconsciously and manifest our own reality through this filter.You can think that girls can never play soccer,rugby or beat the males in any sort of physically challenging aspect.Then you can think that a boy/guy/man,whatever you prefer,never cries.

You could go "Yea I know that,some guys do cry and some girls are good at sports" Sorry to tell you this is nothing near the stereotypes that are so commonly applied on people. One very common example is homosexuals,the word 'gay' means a sissy person in local slang or whatever you prefer.It's NEVER a good thing to be called one.(Stereotype being applied here).Then boyish-girls are called butches,no ones free from stereotypes.

A tan guy's always an outdoor person,a Chinese can't speak good English,a Malay can't study,a Indian is poor,whatever race,language or religion,you have people stereotyping you while you yourself apply it on others.

So here comes the blame game.Fingers pointing in every direction of people insulting other people,religious leaders quietly dismissing the other party's faith,countries that place sanctions on others for possessing or developing nuclear weapons while they hold on to their own weapons tighly.

The fact is,people should judge themselves before they judge others,allow other faiths to follow their own path while strengthening your own,trust others before doubting them at the start.No one can truly say they haven't judged a person solely on their looks,race etc.

Don't judge a book by it's cover,but also don't judge it by it's pages,know it thoroughly and read it with unbiasness before coming to a conclusion,understand the situation,walk in other's shoes,think what's one their minds,consider their position.They hurt,they scar,they kill and create animosity.