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Sunday, May 10, 2009 11:37 PM
Well,quite a lot has been going on these few days but I don't seem to have that mood to blog as often as before.Blogging daily was no problem,now I barely blog weekly :P

Anyways,a lot refers to Singapore.Ok,just 3 events can be considered 'a lot' for this country of ours.


2. AWARE is 'hijacked'

3.Coach of Silver Olympic Ping Pong Team is not nominated for Best Coach

For number 1,i'd say it's about time.Weird that the Singaporean government didn't know about his capture upon,press release.Even though they said that Singapore had aided Malaysia in his capture.

For number 2.there's been some debate over this,may I saw 'violent' takeover of the exco members of Aware.On the news,they say that their sexual education does not abide by guidelines,and that they were promoting premarital sex and saying that homosexuality is alright.
Hijacked is what some people feel happened but the new members were fairly elected.

However some people see this as a very brash movement,for people from the outside are able to replace and take control of this group(forgot the term) so swiftly and easily.This could signal others that taking control of these groups can be justified and cause discord to other races,as others could try the same.

Number 3,I'd side with the coach,whatever differences he and the council had.Regardless,he should have been nominated.If he gave us our first Olympic medal in decades,why shouldn't he be worthy of a mere nomination?

People have also pointed out that the council was happy to give loads of reasons about the contreversy.Justified prejudice?